Green Technik

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GREEN TECHNIK, which has been operating since 1986 in the field of machines for ecology and environmental protection, has over twenty years of experience in the production under the Green Technik trade mark of a range of over 85 models of bio-shredders, crushers, chippers, aspirators, grass mowers, which are all capable of fully meeting all requirements and expectations of all customers whether they be amateurs, professionals, maintenance companies, farms, public organizations or industries. Click Here for more on Green Technik

Forest Agri are the proud dealers of Green technik Wood Chipper Machines, particularly supplying the Cippatrice 2200 Wood Chipper Product Model made by Green Technik, Forest Agri goes to great lengths to ensure that only the best and highest quality machinery and products are supplied to our clients, aiming for positive feedback and 100% customer satisfaction. For more information regarding any of our Green Technik Wood Chipper Products, please contact us – Click here to contact us


Cippatrice 220 Wood Chipper Machine