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Forest Agri are the proud dealers of BMV Pruning & Trimming Machines and Products used for Agricultural purposes. Using the most reputable international Farming brands, to ensure that high quality machinery is provided to our clients. B.M.V. s.n.c. founded in 1974, is concerned with machines design and manufacture, as well as with industrial and landed equipement. Our trimming & pruning machines are, at present, exported in lots of foreign countries, according to their different models. The marketing is based on different sales zones, distributed both in Italy and all over the world in order to ensure a detailed servicing. Click Here for more on BMV

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Pruning Machines BMVFor economical orchard management. This machine can be used for both winter and summer pruning of fruit trees to control growth and promote heavier cropping. Used in the winter with saw blades and in the summer with knives for faster cutting of the green wood. Can also be used for cutting side windbreaks up to 4.5m high. These machines are the future of modern orchard pruning.

BMV – FL 300N

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The new trimming machine B.M.V. model FL300N has been designed for green and dry pruning of all kinds of trees. For dry pruning it is equipped with rotation discs Ø 350 to cut branches of Ø 6-7 cm. maximum.

  • For green pruning, in a simple and quick way, it can be equipped with knives.
  • The cutting group can work both in vertical and horizontal.
  • Thanks to a double sliding on the central column it is possible to reach a height of cut up to 4,30m in horizontal (topping).
  • The belt transmission does not need any adjustment.
  • If the tractor has at least 40 lt/min. at speed the power is delivered by the hydraulic intakes of the tractor itself, otherwise it is supplied an independent hydraulic tank complete with pump/over gear and cooling radiator.
  • The different hydraulic movements allow the machine to adapt to any row.
  • All models come complete with trestle and protections for parking.
  • The trimming machine can be mounted and dismounted from any kind of tractor in a quick and easy way.

BMV – FLHD 900

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The new BMV’s trimming machine model “FLHD 900″ has been studied for the pruning both on green and dry citrus, olive groves, orchards and hazel trees.

  • For dry pruning it fits saw discs with WIDIA teeth Ø 500 mm. suitable for branches until Ø 15 cm.
  • Quickly and easily it is possible to fit knives for the green pruning, in order to cut branches of Ø 2-3 cm. and at a higher forward speed.

The benefits produced are a better air circulation, an easier movement of agricultural machines, a uniform application of chemical products to the leaves, an easier application of fertilizers and herbicide to the ground. The machine is fulfilled by an independent hydraulic unit with 80 lt. tank, internal filter, cooling radiator, pump/over gear. The different hydraulic movements enable the trimming machine to better adapt to the plantation.